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Positive Behavior Practices:
From Core Values to Core Practice

This hands-on workshop covers the basic concepts of behaviorism and Positive Behavior Support practices, along with implementation of strategies based on IABA's Multi-Element Model, including skills teaching and behavior reduction strategies. The workshop will also provide orientation to generic Positive Behavior Supports applicable to a variety of situations. In addition, data collection strategies and behavior incident reports will be discussed and practiced and role-plays of various situations will provide hands-on experience. Participants will receive a Certificate certifying they have completed a 18-Hour workshop in 'Positive Behavior Support: From Core Values to Core Practice' and passed the associated knowledge tests.

The Positive Behavior Support training provides an evidence-based model which includes person-centered, non-aversive methods to prevent and respond to behaviors of concern. The training is designed to facilitate service providers as they create and deliver safe, effective, and enjoyable supports for individuals with behaviors of concern.

Elizabeth Hughes, Ph.D.



GLASGOW 23 - 25 October 2017 FULLY BOOKED: National Autistic Society, 109 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LL, 0141 221 8090 MAP


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Continuing Education for BCBAs available

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Positive Practices in Behavioral Support Through Nonlinear Applied Behavior Analysis

A seminar series introducing an evidence-based model of positive behavioral support

This is a 4-day training program covering the following topics:

  • The evidence based IABA Multi-element Model
  • Comprehensive Functional Assessment
  • Person-Centred Positive Behavioural Support
  • Emergency Management and Reactive Strategies Within a Positive Practices Framework
  • Assuring Staff Consistency and the Provision of Quality Services

Gary W. LaVigna, PhD, BCBA-D

Continuing Education for BCBAs available  

More information for Australia Venues
Gladesville, NSW • 8 - 11 August, 2017
Bendigo, VIC • 22 - 25 August 2017
Adelaide, SA • 29 August - 1 September 2017
Townsville, QLD • 5 - 8 September 2017

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More information for New Zealand Venue
Christchurch •
15 - 18 August 2017

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Gary W. LaVigna, PhD, BCBA-D, Cofounder of the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis


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