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Gary W. LaVigna, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Gary LaVignaDr. LaVigna is a co-founder of the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis in Los Angeles, California. He is an internationally recognised authority, consultant and lecturer on establishing nonaversive behavioural support services for people who are responding to their life conditions with severe and challenging behaviour. His work is reported in numerous articles and books. Dr. LaVigna is passionate about using positive behavior support strategies to improve the quality of life for individuals who have complex and challenging needs. His passion for using positive practices is evident through-out all of his trainings and writings.


Thomas J. Willis, Ph.D.

Dr. Willis is a co-founder of the Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis in Los Angeles, California. With decades of experience as a behavioral consultant and workshop leader, he has coauthored numerous articles and chapters on providing person-centered behavioral support to people with severe and challenging behavior. He is an internationally recognized authority and lecturer on the topics of behavioral assessment, positive behavioral support and staff management strategies for total quality assurance. He is an energetic and animated speaker who has provided training to thousands of professionals in half a dozen countries.

Elizabeth Hughes, Ph.D., BCBA

Dr. Hughes is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis in Los Angeles, California, where she oversees the program design and development for children from infancy through transition age. She provides training internationally for personnel in school districts and service organizations regarding positive behaviour practices, school-wide supports, group behaviour intervention, the design of comprehensive curriculum plans, and The Behavioural-Developmental Model. She specializes in training parents and professionals to create effective, person-centered behaviour plans and coordinates the continued refinement of IABA's comprehensive behavioural-developmental curriculum.



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