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Positive Practices

IABA's Quarterly Newsletter

Dedicated to the advancement of positive practices in the field of challenging behavior

Unfortunately Positive Practices is no longer in print, however, the issues are available in PDF format.

Positive Practices

Volume I

Download Volume I

Number 1 - October 1995

  • Challenging Behavior: A Model for Breaking the Barriers to Social and Community Integration
  • Positive Programming: An Organizational Response to Challenging Behavior
  • A Person Centered Approach to Supporting People with Severe Reputations

Number 2 - January 1996

  • Behavioral Assessment: An Overview Part 1
  • The Behavior Intervention Support Team Program: Addressing Challenging Behavior of People with and Intellectual Disability in Victoria, Australia

Number 3 - April 1996

  • Behavioral Assessment: An Overview Part 2
  • The Development of a Statewide Behavior Resource in the State of Montana

Number 4 � July 1996

  • Behavioral Technology in Support of Values
  • Quality Monitoring at Church Parade

Volume II

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Number 1 - October 1996

  • Motivational Analysis
  • Psychometric Characteristics of Evaluation Instruments for Behavioral Assessment Reports and Intervention Plans

Number 2 - January 1997

  • Severe and Challenging Behavior: Counter-Intuitive Strategies for Crisis Management Within a Nonaversive Framework
  • Quality Assurance: What Made it Work For Us

Number 3 - April 1997

  • Respondent Strategies
  • Understanding and Helping a Boy with Problems: a Functional Approach to Behavior Problems

Number 4 - July 1997

  • Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to the Carers of People with Learning Disabilities who Display Challenging Behavior
  • The Use of Edited Videos for the Treatment of Selective Mutism

Volume III

Download Volume III

Number 1 - October 1997

  • Suzanne Wishes to Retire: A Case Example

Number 2 - January 1998

  • Mediator Analysis
  • An Application of Crisis Services Within the Multielement Approach: A Community Behavioral Support and Crisis Response Demonstration Project

Number 3 - April 1998

  • Anger Management and Assertiveness Skills: Use of a Curriculum in Supported Living Services
  • Rug rats, Videos and the Use of Ecological Strategies in the Rapid Reduction of a Severe and Challenging Behavior Problem

Number 4 � July 1998

  • Anger Management and Assertiveness Skills
  • PSR: Progressively Sustainable Results
  • The STEP Matix
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