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Lifestyle Easy Cookbook - You simply look and cook!

US $29.95 / CND $37.95 per book. Shipping to US addresses is $10.00 per book; Canada is CND $25.00 per book. California Sales Tax is 9% (CA residents only).

Cookbook Preview
  • The Lifestyle Easy Cookbook is printed on extra heavy laminated paper, making page turning easy and clean up of spills a breeze.

  • Each nutritious and tasty recipe is divided into 6 or 8 easy to follow picture steps - you just look and cook.

  • Each recipe has an individualized picture shopping card - shopping is simply match to sample.

  • The recipes and picture steps are color-coded making them easy to follow.

  • There are 27 healthy and delicious recipes ranging from microwave to stovetop to oven to no-cook.

  • Every recipe has a picture shopping card, listing all of the ingredients that you need to purchase at your local store - just match-to-sample!

  • To view an online preview of the Lifestyle Easy Cookbook click here.

  • To order visit Click on the Order Now button or call 1-800-457-5575.